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Welcome to HCD

HCD helps you design safe, reliable and easy to use systems and products. We provide a wide range of professional Human Factors competence across a
variety of industries.

How we work

HCD provide balance in the design process by taking human strengths and weaknesses into account early
in the design process. We improve
Safety and Quality Assurance by reducing human error and improving
usability, performance and efficiency. We:

  • Take systematic Human Factors methods;
  • Tailor them to the size and scope of the project;
  • Incorporate our knowledge and experience; and
  • Create practical solutions.

Competence Industries
Interface Design Oil and Gas
Control Room Design Process
Usability Power Generation
Human Error Rail
Procedures IT and web
Information Architecture Aviation/Aerospace
Emergency Planning
Accident Investigation
Organisational Safety Systems

Key Projects

  • Ormen Lange (NG) Plant
  • Snøhvit (LNG) Plant
  • Kristin Platform
  • Gjøa Platform
  • Alarm System Verificiation & Validation
  • Sub sea leak diagnosis & intervention strategies
  • Work process for sub sea MEG injection
  • Human Factors guidelines for a major Norwegian oil company
  • Air traffic control
  • Ekofisk L
  • Airport safety assessment


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